Alaska Foreclosures- How to show an Igloo in Alaska


Alaska Foreclosures – How to show an Igloo in Alaska



What does an Alaska foreclosure have to do with an igloo? If you have looked at several foreclosures in the winter you may know what I mean.  Being prepared to look at property in Alaska can have its challenges. Foreclosures are often winterized and many do not have heat.

Normally when you get ready to look at property it is a quick trip from the warm vehicle to the inside of the home.  It’s not necessary to have your snow machine suit on with your ski cap and hand warmers like it is with a sled trip up the Yentna River in February.

There have been several times that I have tromped through a foot of snow to get to the front door.  Once I fumble for the key in the lock box and get the frozen door knob to respond, only to step into a frozen house. I’ve had situations where it is just above zero outside and below zero inside.   All I can say is these showings are never fast enough.

I consider myself an Alaskan after living here for nearly 20 years.  You think I would have things figured out by now.  That’s why I’m writing this blog, because you don’t need to  follow my foot steps (unless through 2 feet of snow) when looking at foreclosures.

Inevitably, I’m showing the home to someone that has a much higher cold tolerance than I do. The seconds turn into minutes as my toes curl up in my uninsulated shoes.  My hands go numb, because my mittens are at home next to my snow boots and hat. Come on.. we are looking at homes not igloos right?

Looking at homes shouldn’t be this painful.  Here are a few pointers so the next time you get ready to look at an Alaska foreclosure you will be prepared.

  1. Ask your Realtor if all the homes you are looking at have heat. (Experience has me verifying this ahead of time.)
  2. Wear warm clothing and or layers if you are looking at a mix of homes with and without heat.
  3. If you are a note taker, bring a pencil as ink tends to freeze too.
  4. Bring a flash light as the day light hours are often short and many times bulbs are burned out or the electricity may be turned off.

With just a little preparation your experience looking at an Alaska Foreclosures will hopefully be a pleasant one.

Larry & Jacque

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