Home Inventory Checklist-An EASY Solution

Home Inventory Checklist-an EASY Solution

This weeks theme is ON FIRE!

Do you have a proper home inventory checklist?

What would happen if your home were burglarized, caught fire or was in some other catastrophic even? In an earlier blog, Spontaneous Combustion, we wrote about some very good friends that lost their home to fire and another friend (with the client hat on) that, on the day after his offer was accepted, it burned down Accepted Offer Goes Up in Smoke-LITERALLY!

If you had proper warning, what would you save? What would you miss the most?Would you be able to list all the furniture, important documents, computers and electronic info all the way down to how many spatulas you would have to replace? Bath rugs? How many picture frames did you have on the wall. It may sound silly to think about these kind of things but it all adds up. If you have attended a wedding recently, think about the gift registries and how expensive it is to start a home!

Why not take this time and use this friendly reminder to hug your loved ones and then take an inventory of your home. At least that way if this ever happens to you or your loved ones, you will have an idea of what to expect.
Take the time to ‘save’ your possessions now. Make a home inventory checklist. Write down descriptions of your items and take photos.
Let the local police departments know the directions to your home all the way down to the color of home and the real directions of how to get there. Keep the driveway plowed and free of snow (an Alaska thing) and do not panic if you have to call. When in doubt call 911 and speak clearly. Every second counts and you have to give the dispatchers all the information possible so they can send help right away.

One option that we have run across is Know Your Stuff home inventory. This is a free service provided by the Insurance Information Institute. There is a video on the Know Your Stuffsite that explains a bit bore on the process on the site but, essentially, it walks you through a computerized home inventory process. You can add rooms, change and maintain your home inventory. There is even a maintenance calendar where you can set up reminders via text or email messages.When you go through the inventory checklist process, it allows you to go through your home room by room, piece by piece. You do not have to complete the task all at once. You can add items or skip through rooms with ease. It even allows you to print out your home inventory checklist.

The inventory information you save at Know Your Stuff is stored on remote servers and is accessible from any computer.

Don’t get caught in the emotions and grief in an emergency situation. With all the confusion of the fire trucks, the fire restoration folks, the insurance company, the neighbors and the scanner chasers, confusion and disbelief are the dominating emotions. Take the time now, even it it is one room at a time or one room a week, to invest in your home inventory checklist.

There are so many things to consider and a little planning and preparation WILL help.
Larry & Jacque

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