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We love it when the children are involved in the home buying process. They can truly give a different perspective on each home. Here are a few of our favorites:

Picking out a room (they typically choose the owners suite or the biggest room much to the dismay of any siblings present). We have been witness to this too many times to count! We have also been witness to how the family deals with the the ‘room choice’ issue. The best example was when the younger sibling said that his big sister should get the bigger room because she will only have it for a couple years. He explained that she is going away soon (college) and then he would get it for longer once she left….

We have had a kiddo pick a room because it is farthest away ‘from where the monsters live.’ They meant farthest away from the crawl space access. 

When they little family members choose a home because they can walk to school themselves because it is close (no more bus rides). Only to have a parent tell them that they will have more time for homework now that they didn’t have to ride the bus. Burst that bubble!

Yards and yard toys (or a dog house). Any of these three tend to get their attention for playing outside or finally getting that dog that the parents promised them. We have had several pick a home because of the dog in the back yard (they thought the dog went with the home).

Although the examples above are just some fun examples, we typically recruit the children to help when looking at homes. We may ask that they help ‘find’ all the light switches (keeps everyone together so we are looking at the same rooms at the same time). We may also ask them to count how many homes they can see from the windows (to help the parents see how private the home is). We also have them help turn off lights or help find the lock box or turn the house key (we still go in first though for safety reasons).  

We feel that it is important to include the children in the process to help them with the transition of a new home/moving. As a side benefit, it does makes looking at homes a bit easier for the parents to actually spend some time in the home without too much interruption. 

Just a few fun things and examples of how we include your little ones in your home searches. 

If you and your children are ready to look at homes, give us a call or send an email. We can show you any home, listed  with any company, any Realtor and represent you in the purchase.

Apparently, the home I showed them lacked a little color so they ‘fixed’ it for us. 🙂

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How do we handle real estate in 14 BELOW ZERO weather?


With a pick ax of course! 

This is just an example of a home sale where, in 14 degrees BELOW zero temperatures, our real estate sign needed to be taken down. We use large steel bases and heavy 4 x 4 posts for our signs so even on a good day they take some muscle. The steel base works great to keep the signs in place with any wind but, with the snow and ice built up at driveway corners, we tend to have to break them loose this time of year (hence the pick ax and the ‘here’s Johnny’ face).

Just another example of some of the extremes we go through to ‘get the job done’ for you! 

In case the temperature scared you a little, we recently went to Montana 
and it was 27 below zero. Back in Wasilla the temp went back up to being 
in the 30 degree above zero range again. 🙂

If you need Realtors that will go to extremes for you, give Jacque & Larry a call today!

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Simple Updates to Better Market Your Older Home

Simple Updates to Better Market Your Older Home

Just like times past when Grammy would send a crisp $5 bill in a birthday card…

I remember as a kid, getting birthday cards from my Grammy. Inside was a crisp and clean (certainly new looking) five dollar bill. My folks would tell me that she made special trips to the bank to get the cleanest, non-wrinkled bills she could get just for our birthday cards. It didn’t matter if the bill was 10 years old as long asit didn’t need ironing, washing or scotch tape to repair any rips or tears.

The concept is the same when you have an older home to sell. Here is a list of common (and less expensive) updates to help your older home compete with newer homes:

Replace outdated light fixtures. They do not have to be super expensive (think value packs at Lowes or Home Depot) they should be a more modern style and match each other.
Replace old or wrong wattage light bulbs with bright new bulbs. This will brighten the home as well as the mood as potential buyers walk through.
Clean everything-we do mean everything! Simple and cost effective, cleaning is one of the first things a buyer will notice. Even if your home is outdated, a buyer may be better able to look past it if the home is clean.
Take away, pack, sell-whatever you have to do to lessen the ‘stuff’ in your home so that the buyers can look at your home (instead of looking at your ‘stuff’ around the home). You are moving anyway so why not pack it and let the buyers envision their own ‘stuff’ in the home?
Paint, whether touch up or full on paint, painting will make a home smell and seem newer. Just remember to spend the time to tape off anything you do not want painted. We have certainly seen our share of painting mishaps that would require even more painting to correct.

Think about a pre-listing home inspection. Although it is money that a buyer would normally spend (about $400), having one done ahead of time will give you a list of items to be corrected or fixed. This allows you as a seller a little more time to complete the health and safety (lender required) repairs and we can then market the home as having repairs completed. More information on pre-listing inspections is available in our Seller FAQ section on our website.

Let us know if you have any questions about listing your Palmer, Wasilla, Eagle River or Anchorage home. We would love to show you what we do to help sell your home.

Jacque & Larry

What is a Placard?

  • Designing Placards with the specific details on your home.

Placards are detail cards used to help visually educate buyers and real estate licensees as they go through your home. Typically there are many value added features in homes that go unnoticed even if they get mentioned in the listing detail. The placard will help highlight these features so they don’t get overlooked during your showing, which might help with the buyer’s deciding factor to write an offer.

Examples of using a placard are many. In the winter months it is nice to point out exertiour features that include things that are covered by snow or difficult to observe because it is too cold to walk around the outside of the house. Items like the large deck or the green house that is covered by snow may go unnoticed without a gentle reminder.

Interiour features often get overlooked as well. Sometimes sellers may have upgraded special items that are easily overlooked as a potential buyer tours a home. This could be things like hidden storage or heated floors. An upgraded furnace with an aircleaner might be very important to a buyer with asthma, but you probably wouldn’t notice that walking through a home.

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