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Things to Do, Places to Go While in Alaska-Day Trip to Thunderbird Falls

Things to Do, Places to Go While in Alaska-Day Trip to Thunderbird Falls


Being born on Elmendorf Air Force Base (now called Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson or JBER for short), and then raised in Wasilla since age 12, I have ‘local’ knowledge of many simple adventures that can be done in a day.

Whether you live here or are vacationing in the area, one day trip that we recommend is a day hike to Thunderbird Falls. T-Bird Falls is a relatively easy walking trail (there were several little kiddos on the trail with us) that careens through the lush foliage of the Chugach State Park and leads to the rushing water of the falls. The trail itself is about a mile and a half long and can be completed as fast as you want or as leisurely as you choose.

The trail is wider than a four wheeler so there is room for many people on the trail at a time. There are a few wooden observation decks and benches along the way for viewing the gorge, the birch forest and the rocky cliffs. One such viewing station overlooks the 200 foot falls and has some built in bench seating to enjoy a picnic if you are so inclined (hence the leisurely part above).

Bear are common in the area and we did see sign (bear scat) on the trail. It is always a good idea to travel in numbers, carry protection and make noises while on the trails.

To get to Thunderbird Falls, take the Eklutna Exit off the Glenn Highway (about mile 25.5) and then follow the signs. The trail head and parking is about .3 miles to the trail head.

Special notes:
There is a bathroom station at the trail head for convenience.
Be aware of wildlife. Be ‘Bear Aware’ at all times!
There are private residences that tuck up to the trail. How cool is that?
Always lock your vehicles, parking lots are often targets for thieves (no matter where you go).
Don’t tangle with the Devils Club-although it is pretty and easy to take pictures of with large leaves, it has loads of sharp thorns.

All pics are property of and copyrighted by Alaska Dream Makers.

Jacque & Larry

When is 195 Sockeye Salmon ENOUGH? Kenai River Dipnetting 2011

When is 195 Sockeye Salmon ENOUGH? Kenai River Dipnetting 2011

When you realize that you have to clean them, process them, can them or freeze them and then go back to work! This is , his mom and some friends down on the Kenai River traffic jam.

If you are not from Alaska, the basic description is this:

You get a net the size of a Volkswagen with a pole the length of two pickup trucks*, dip it into the water and wait for the salmon to swim into the net. Drag, pull and muscle the net with the flopping fish (approximately 8 pounds each) into the boat and go back for more. The salmon runs (salmon count) are so large that the 2011 limits were 25 salmon for the head of household and an additional 10 for each family member. Our poodle doesn’t count so our limit was 35.

Even though we could get a whopping 35 fish for each person on the boat (there were 6 of them total) they decided they had had enough at 195 so they stopped.

*Almost the truth, check out the video!

To see the crazy dipnetting video, click here!
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Jacque & Larry

MONSTER Rhubarb Grown in Wasilla Alaska!

MONSTER Rhubarb Grown in Wasilla Alaska!

Really, this is Larry, our little girl Tana (the cute little ole poodle) and me in our front yard with our MONSTER rhubarb. It really does get taller than us!    Jacque & Larry


Just two questions-

How many pies will it make?
Should we enter it in the Alaska State Fair?

Jacque & Larry

Information for Military Transfers to JBER (Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson)

Information for Military Transfers to JBER (Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson)

First of all, Larry and I want to say thank you for your service to us and our country.

As an Air Force brat myself and the youngest of five children to a career military dad and stay at home military mom, I appreciate everything you do.

I (Jacque, the one in yellow) was born on Elmendorf AFB when my parents were first stationed here. Shortly after, the family was moved to Rantoul Illinois (Chanute AFB) and then back to Elmendorf when I was five. We stayed in base housing until pop retired from 23.5 years of service in 1982 and we moved to Wasilla. The family has been in Wasilla ever since.

I remember going to the flight line to watch the planes, Green Lake to go fishing, Hillburg Ski Area and snow machining all over the back of the base. The shuttle bus to anywhere on base, the pool and gym, the bowling alley, meeting pop at the hospital for lunch (he is a PA-C) all have fond memories for me.

If you are new to our area, the main website for JBER info is here.

If you would like housing purchase information, it would be our pleasure to assist you in purchasing your new home. Our website has a direct link into the MLS and has the most current and up to date information available. Our website is here.

Some other sites to look at are as follows:

Elmendorf Officers’ Spouses’ Organization

Commissary hours and info

JBER Services and Recreation

Hillburg Ski Area

My pop, John B Henley II (AKA Skip) is an E-9 Commissioned, Purple Heart Decorated, stationed everywhere from AK, CA, OH, IL, TX and even Tripoli Libya, survivor of Vietnam and just an all around cool guy. He still works with veterans as a private contractor and he really enjoys being active within the military community.  Yeah, I am biased but what can I say?


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Speaking of adventures, some that you may consider depending on the time of year are:

Photographing mountains & wildlife
Hiking in Hatchers Pass or many other locations
Climbing the Butte for a 360 degree view of the Valley
Fishing the many local rivers, creeks and lakes
Driving up to view the majestic Mount McKinley
Kayak local lakes or river rafting
Bike trek the long, paved paths (or dirt paths if you choose)
Explore Wasilla, Palmer, Talkeetna and other quaint local towns
Shop for necessities, gifts, trinkets and unique Alaskan items
Reserve a spot and fish with a local fishing guide
Skiing, downhill and cross country
Watch the world famous Iditarod Sled dog races
Visit and have fun with Fur Rendezvous
Snow Machine, snow shoe, or have a snowball fight!
See the monster, record breaking veggies at the AK State Fair
Pick blueberries in Hatchers Pass
Drive down the scenic highway and spot Dall Sheep and waterfalls all along the way
Climb on or simply go up to an actual glacier

Owners are both real estate licensees in the state of Alaska

When is it Appropriate to Call Clients After Midnight? When the Northern Lights are OUT in Wasilla Alaska!

When is it Appropriate to Call Clients After Midnight? When the Northern Lights are OUT in Wasilla Alaska!

Although I was born in Alaska, I always get excited to see natures paintbrush, the Northern Lights. Larry is more on the Cheechako side only being in state for only 20 years and he also runs outside when we see them. Last night was no exception!


While taking the poodle (Tana) out one last time, I looked up and saw the amazing and vivid lime green in the sky and immediately yelled for Larry. Then we started dialing the phone. Clients, friends, family, NO ONE is safe from that 1AM through 4AM call.

We woke up everyone from clients including this small sampling-

A wonderful family that just moved up from the lower 48, staying in Billeting at Elmendorf / Ft Richardson until their new home in Palmer closes. That was a fun call-imagine Larry calling saying “Don’t fire us over this, but the Northern Lights are out and we thought your family would want to see them.” You bet!

A dynamic couple that recently moved out from Anchorage. She had only been in Alaska about a year and has not seen the Northern Lights yet.

A seemingly reserved gentleman (only until you get to know him and realize you have the same wicked sense of humor) that is also moving to Wasilla from Eagle River.

My cousins that recently moved up to Alaska from LaGrange Indiana. They drove up into the mountains to see the Northern Lights shine and dance!

We also have some fantastic friends that we had on the Northern Lights phone tree tradition when they moved to Wasilla from Kansas. THEY texted us this time!

My parents started this phone tree tradition when I was little alerting out friends to ‘go outside’ and the tradition has not stopped. The simple rules were that if they do not answer, it is OK. They probably will answer your 3AM call next time because now they know what they are missing. Don’t apologize, the Northern Lights are beautiful and once they see them you will understand. It does not matter how old you get or what time of the morning it is, you BETTER call us when you see them!

It does not all have to be about helping people buy and sell property. For us, we very much enjoy sharing our Alaska with our clients, friends and family. This is one example of something silly we do to share our love of our area. If we missed you and you would like to be on our Northern Lights phone tree, just drop us a line and let us know!

When is it Appropriate to Call Clients After Midnight? When the Northern Lights are OUT in Wasilla Alaska!

Jacque & Larry

If you read our previous post, NO food coloring was used in these photos! If you missed it, here is a list of some you might take a look at.

Jacque & Larry


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Wasilla Alaska Population

International Order, How many Igloos Can I get?

Thank you for visiting and sharing ‘Our Alaska’ with us!

Jacque & Larry

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