Virtual Reality is Here!

Virtual Reality is Here!

Virtual Reality is here! Alaska Dream Makers has continued to embrace the latest technology for our clients. We now offer 3D Virtual Scans to all of our clients at no additional cost, in addition to professional HDR photography.

A buyer can virtually immerse themselves into a home using 3D glasses. This allows a potential buyer to truly feel as if they are in the space. A head turn up and down or even a turn around displays a realistic view of the space. As 3D glasses become more available this emerging technology will become commonplace place very soon.

For those that would like a more traditional view, the same technology offers a virtual walk through either on your mobile device or computer. It allows a walk through featuring 360 degree views in all directions to view the space.

A doll house rendering shows the property as if the exterior walls are invisible looking at it from the outside. It allows the user to circle around the home to see very easily what the layout is like. From any point in this view you can enter into the home for a 360 degree view.

Using this high tech hardware we are able provide potential buyers a realistic view prior to physically going through the home. As a seller, this greatly increases the chances of offers from buyers who have not been able to physically see the house due to time constraints or location challenges such as someone who is moving to Alaska.

Our out of town and out of state buyers benefit as we can provide them a 3D Scan of properties they are interested in.

Although this this is an emerging technology, I have no doubt that this will be common in the real estate community soon. As a seller I would not want to be without this unique advantage in selling a home.

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