What is a Placard?

  • Designing Placards with the specific details on your home.

Placards are detail cards used to help visually educate buyers and real estate licensees as they go through your home. Typically there are many value added features in homes that go unnoticed even if they get mentioned in the listing detail. The placard will help highlight these features so they don’t get overlooked during your showing, which might help with the buyer’s deciding factor to write an offer.

Examples of using a placard are many. In the winter months it is nice to point out exertiour features that include things that are covered by snow or difficult to observe because it is too cold to walk around the outside of the house. Items like the large deck or the green house that is covered by snow may go unnoticed without a gentle reminder.

Interiour features often get overlooked as well. Sometimes sellers may have upgraded special items that are easily overlooked as a potential buyer tours a home. This could be things like hidden storage or heated floors. An upgraded furnace with an aircleaner might be very important to a buyer with asthma, but you probably wouldn’t notice that walking through a home.

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