Winter driving pointers-other than just put the phone down and drive safe!

Here are a few pointers to driving in Alaska that are helpful for winter weather. 

Check your antifreeze fluid levels in the radiator. Do not just put water in as it will freeze.
Check your windshield fluid level and also make sure it is washer fluid with an antifreeze rating. When the snow melts to slush and gets kicked up on your cars windshield, you will be thankful to have this.
All weather tires, studded tires or chains are also a great idea. If you go with chains, be sure you know how to install them before trying it in the cold. 
Make sure that the snow is brushed off your vehicle before driving. We have seen sheets of snow/ice come off vehicles on the highway and almost cause wrecks. 

Keep your gas tank at at least half full in case you get stopped in traffic. Wrecks can occur at anytime and you could be trapped on the road behind it for hours. Being able to stay warm is more than worth it!
Do not use cruise control in winter weather and be cautious if using overdrive (if overdrive kicks in on a hill-you can be sent spinning off the road). Sudden traction loss from either can happen on the ice causing you to lose control of your vehicle.Stay safe out there! 


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